We see the world from a different perspective: every object around us has has its genesis in design, someone somewhere, sometime, sat down and designed it.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the end user.  The individual who uses the product and they have an experience based on their own individuality, the product itself, as well as the context.

And in the middle, between the original design, and the end user, there are countless other individuals that are affected by the product: from the production chain to the distribution chain to where the product is going to be used.

We design with these 3 elements always top of mind:

  1. the experience;
  2. the individuals;
  3. and the context.

Our methodology starts with a blank slate, no preconceived notions.  Then we investigate the problem facing the intended end users, we see… feel… touch…  taste… smell… sense… the problem from their perspective; then we move on to investigate the experience from the perspective of the observers, as if we were within the same context but without direct involvement.  We continue the investigation from the perspective of all the individuals involved in the problem; then we start the interactive process of design / prototyping and repeat the process of investigating the experiences.
In short, we investigate in depth the problem, so that the solution will surface.

We designed our own company, and we are still designing it, keeping in mind the experience of the people who are involved in it at all levels: fonders, employees, consultants, collaborators, advisors, vendors, service providers, clients, peers, neighbors, and friends.

We live and breathe design every day, in every aspect of our lives, because we believe that:

“Design is something that you are, not something you do”

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